A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story (2017) dir. David Lowery R / 1h 32m / Drama, Romance - I am waiting for someone. - Who? - I don't remember. My city has a little film festival every year by the name of Sidewalk that it seems I never get to go to and forget to plan around. This year was … Continue reading A Ghost Story



Mother! (2017) Dir. Darren Aronofsky R / 2h 1m / Drama, Horror I am I. And you are home. Mother! is Darren Aronofsky's (or as my household calls him, Daronofsky) latest cinematic punch in the gut, and oh man, is it a satisfying one. ** This review contains spoilers ** Daronofsky has been on my lists … Continue reading Mother!


Okja (2017) Dir. Joon-ho Bong TV - MA / 1h 58m / Adventure, Drama This beautiful and special little creature will be a revolution in the livestock industry. The super pigs will not only be big and beautiful, they will leave a minimal footprint on the environment, consume less feed, and produce less excretions. And … Continue reading Okja


Paterson (2016) R / 1h 58m / Comedy, Drama, Romance Poetry in translation is like taking a shower with a raincoat on. Paterson brought much anticipation for me. The trailer provided interesting lines and concepts that really made me think this film would be about something or anything at all. Most unfortunately, it's my Wednesday and … Continue reading Paterson

La La Land

La La Land (2016) Dir. Damien Chazelle PG13 / 2h 8m / Comedy, Drama, Musical Critic's Choice Award Winner (2016) - Best Picture Critic's Choice Award Winner (2016) - Best Director, Damien Chazelle Critic's Choice Award Winner (2016) - Best Original Screenplay Critic's Choice Award Winner (2016) - Best Cinematography Critic's Choice Award Winner (2016) … Continue reading La La Land